Scandinavia Form: Vases

Scandinavia Form: Vases
Award winning vases, Consilium (porcelain) and Glasilium (clear glass) from Scandinavia Form. They are designed by Swedish designer Eva Levin: "I really wanted to imitate the way wild plants grow in nature"

Their vases capture this concept and bring it indoors, with a small copper tube and cork neck that helps support the plant's stem. A single flower, a leaf, a small branch or a grass straw, each scenery you create will tell a story that reflects nature, and you.... We fell in love with these vases and we hope you do too!

They make excellent hostess gifts, stocking fillers and more.

NEW : Consilium small vase (porcelain) in forest green and terracotta. Consilium(porcelain) vase in a new large size in white and forest green.

Back in stock: customer favorites small & medium Glasilium (glass) plus Consilium (porcelain)) small in pink.

Mix and match and create your own interesting flower scenery!